What do I need to complete my rear CTSV swap?

  • CTSV 4 piston rear calipers (this will be your primary rear caliper actuated by the foot brake pedal)
  • Z32 rear calipers (this will be your secondary rear caliper actuated by a hydraulic handbrake)
  • 370Z nismo rear rotors (to match the larger CTSV rear calipers)
  • Our 4 piston CTSV rear primary w/ Z32 secondary brackets (Includes all brackets and hardware required to adapt the new calipers)
  • SS Braided brake lines for the CTSV rear calipers and Z32 rear calipers (needed to connect the new calipers to your OEM hard lines and the hydraulic handbrake you decide to run)
  • Hydro handbrake of your choice (this will actuate the Z32 calipers as a handbrake)

Videos that may help:

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