Bash Bars - Honda Civic 1996-00'

I just bought a rear bash bar from you. During checkout, the only option closest I see for my car was "Honda Civic Sedan (EK9)". I have a 1996 Honda Civic HATCHBACK. This option list is very confusing because the code "EK9" ONLY refers to the TWO DOOR HATCHBACK Type R model. The statement next to it says "Sedan" which doesn't make sense to me. The coupe and sedan 6th generation Civics have a significantly longer rear bumper cover than the hatchback models. I don't know if the rear crash/bash bar is the exact same but I'm worried. Let me know if you can help, thank you! -An P.

  • The rear bar was originally developed for the sedan and it should bolt up to the hatchback.  Unfortunately we have not confirmed fitment on the hatchback rear bumper cover, if the bumper is shallower than the sedan then it may not clear the bumper cover.
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