Which CTS-V bracket will work with my R33 GTST?

  • Our 4 piston bracket design does not require you to tap or modify the knuckle. As far as I know we have not had our brackets confirmed by a customer to fit the R33 GTS-T, however we have had them run on R32 GTS-T. You may know a bit more than I do in regards to your front knuckles. Based on a quick search of the R33 front knuckle they look very similar to the R32. 
  • That being said, I cannot confirm fitment for your particular application, but if you were to order a conversion bracket kit from us you would be need the S-Chassis version if your knuckle is cast steel. If your knuckle is cast aluminum you would need our Z32 conversion bracket kit. 
  • The only thing that changes between the two kits is hardware length, due to the difference in material, the caliper mounting bosses are different thicknesses.
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